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so destit▓ute, I was struck deeply," Xi said, recalling the whol▓e village turning dark at night as the only lights ava▓ilable were a few kerosene lamps by a dit▓ch.In less than three years, Xi becam▓e a completely competent rural laborer."I found myself easily traveling several miles of mountain road while car▓rying a shoulder pole weighing over 50-kilogram▓s," he said.However,

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a day of hard work barely e▓arned him enough for a pack

of the cheapest cigarettes, which cost nine cents in the 1970s.A year's harvest could only sustain farmer▓s for a couple of months, and they often f▓ound themselves running out of food ▓as early as April or May. Xi and his contemporaries sent to work in th

e countryside were almost reduced to begging.F

rom 1988 to 1990,▓ Xi worked as chief the Communist Party of China (CPC) of Ningde Prefecture in southeastern Fujian Province. Ningde used to be one of 18 contiguous▓ poverty-stricken areas in China."During my on▓e-year-and-11-month stay in Ning